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Individual Therapy

Quality Care through Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Coaching


Therapy is a safe place where you can explore problems, questions, and issues in a way that has the potential to lead to new emotional, practical, and other insights. As a therapist, my approach is one of respect, deep listening, and supportive listening. A therapist/counselor is objective, they are not a friend and have no ego in the conversations. I seek to understand the problem in your own words and facilitate a collaborative exploration in new ways to better understand or define it, its causes, and possible ways to create desired change. Click to hear more about my approach


I draw from an integrative mix of therapeutic philosophies rooted in my social work education, such as humanistic and cognitive-behavioral perspectives. My liberal arts classics undergraduate education also informs my work in regards to Socratic dialogue and often can see parallels in the challenges we face and those in literature modern and ancient. I believe reading and literature can be a powerful way to reflect on your situations and teach us to see them through varied lenses. I find we are often in much better company with the challenges we face than we may have previously considered. See my list of recommended books for a more positive state of mind and enjoyment. 


Coaching is here-and-now oriented. It is more instructional and more focused on skill-building than counseling. Coaching is often used to address executive functioning skills, ADHD, and academic or sports training. 

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