COVID-19  - Keeping Safe and Keeping Anxiety in Proportion


Better State of Mind is seeking to help meeting the growing public safety and personal needs for TeleHealth counseling in a secure, HIPAA compliant way during the COVID emergency. I am doing all I can to create ongoing support during this time - if you feel under the weight of great stress, do not hesitate to call, and, based on availability, I will make any effort to be available or refer you to someone that is. There is a high call volume so it is possible there is not present availability. I offer a sliding scale for those who are under financial constraints


For most of us, the Coronavirus has drastically changed the way we are living our daily lives. For many of us, this has been very challenging. Many have found things like taking a media break, washing hands often, spending more time intentionally with family, reaching out to those you care about, and others to be useful mental health tips for a better state of mind during this time.


On the upside we may find ourselves with extra time, however, this can sometimes make it more difficult to put things into proportion. There is much data, and while we keep ourselves safe and cautious, if we gather some resources, we find that for those under age 60 the risk of serious issues is quite minimal, and for those younger than 50, even much better.


Especially when having pre-existing anxiety, the COVID-19 situation can feed into this, and it is essential to be strategic on things like, how to manage spending more time at home, how to talk with children about coronavirus. Finding ways to manage the intensified stress during present awareness of coronavirus is key.



After all, this life is adventure with risk right?



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