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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask - I Answer

Are you located near public transit?

Yes we are a 5 minute walk from the Tenleytown Metro station. There is also free parking right outside our office.

How do I schedule an appointment or get more information?

Call us at 301-768-0307 for a free consultation and/or scheduling services.

How many neurofeedback sessions are in a treatment?

We recommend doing neurofeedback intending to do 20-30 sessions. Often clients will start seeing positive changes within 10 sessions but it usually takes 20-30 for these the brain to remember these changes so that they are lasting. While most do 20-40 sessions, some find that doing 60 sessions or more can continue to reap benefits. Contact us for more information on whether neurofeedback might be of use to you.

Do you prescribe medications?

We refer out for prescriptions. Our diagnostic evaluations can be used for obtaining medications for diagnosed conditions with a psychiatrist or PCP. We can refer you to a nearby psychiatrist if you are not already working with one.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each sessions for either individual therapy or neurofeedback are 50 minutes each.

Do you take insurance?

While we are out of network, we do provide invoices which many clients use to obtain reimbursement from their insurance.

If neurofeedback works why have I not heard of it?

Neurofeedback became popularized in the 1960's and 1970's after the U.S. Air Force sponsored research showing that even cats can use neurofeedback to reduce seizures. It has since then become more widely applied to humans to address symptoms of epilepsy, ADHD, and a range of other conditions. Though the mechanisms by which it works are still being uncovered through new research, many can attest to the impacts it has had in reducing a range of symptoms. It has not had the same financial backing as many pharmaceuticals however, it has gained a strong following from those who have tried it. 

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