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Get to Know Bar Lehmann

My interest in mental health and social justice began around my college years and grew during my experiences there. Since becoming a Social Worker, I first worked as a case manager at Community Connections for several years serving adults with serious mental illness in Washington, DC.  During my work as a therapist, amongst other roles, I always really valued the connections with my clients and felt that these relationships and trust that we built had been a foundation for many positive changes they created in their lives (and I saw this with other colleagues as well). I knew I wanted to focus more on building connections long-term with individuals as a way to help in the process of change, especially in urgently needed situations of mental health. I also have found that helping others address their challenges is a good way to cope with my own.


My interest in integrative health and neurofeedback was “seeded” during my undergraduate studies with the understanding that so much of our mental states are linked to biological processes. Over my MSW studies and clinical work this realization grew and deepened, and neurofeedback became an area of focus for me. Occasionally, feeling identification with the person’s frustrations or challenges to bring about badly needed changes left me with sense of the limitations of words in certain situations and a need for experience-based elements of therapy such as neurofeedback. My interest in biofeedback and neurofeedback appeared to be a unique fit for such challenges. The joint focus on building client relationships and also my interests in biofeedback led me to the direction of private practice therapy of integrated mental wellness. Since working at Community Connections I have worked at both the Washington, DC Center for Neurocognitive Excellence and later Biofeedback Works of Herndon Virginia, where I have been trained as a neurofeedback therapist and also gained more experience in therapy. 



Bar Lehmann, MSW, LICSW, BCN is a clinical social worker and has years of experience in mental health and mental wellness services. My experience includes therapy and diagnostic assessments (ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD). I earned my degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

In regards to neurofeedback, I am certified internationally in the prestigious BCIA certification (BCN) for neurofeedback. I have experience with a range of effective neurofeedback and biofeedback modalities including amplitude trainings, z-score neurofeedback, hemoencephalography neurofeedback, QEEG brain-mapping, infra-slow oscillations (ISF/ISO) neurofeedback, photonic stimulation technology, skin conductivity (GSR) biofeedback, heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback, Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems (LENS), Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES), and peripheral temperature biofeedback, and more. 

In My Free Time

In my free time, I enjoy reading literature (see my recommended books for a positive state of mind),  taking walks with family, and meditation. I have a deep interest in neuroscience and complementary modalities that support mental wellness alongside traditional therapy and psychiatry. Such interest drove me to become certified in neurofeedback, I have practiced mindfulness meditation and biofeedback for years. 

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