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Licensed therapists, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Techniques, Deep listening

Based in EFT and IMAGO

Cutting edge qEEG brain-mapping and neural regulation for children and adults

Accurate Diagnoses for Optimal Treatment

Group Therapy for Anxiety with CBT and Evidence-Based Mindfulness Techniques

Integrated Mental Wellness

Integrated Mental Wellness is an approach combining traditional approaches to mental health such as talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication treatment with other modalities that together more comprehensively support wellbeing. In addition to the standard treatments, I recognize that mental wellness has many domains including relationships/community, health/diet/physical activity, creativity, meaning/spirituality. This approach addresses a whole person as a unique individual attempting to deal in their own ways with their challenges. I set myself apart from the money-driven, sterilely impersonal, antiquated medical model that a large part of our mental health system still operates by. My services are complimentary, facilitating a process of change psychologically, mentally, and physiologically. My office is also integrated within a network of collaboration with other similar minded providers.


Integrated Approaches


I have felt that many of the big challenges in my life are internal (how we internally respond to things) rather than just external, (i.e. marathons, jobs, relationships, physical exercise, bungee jumping), which are of course valid and important too. This belief underlies my personal journey of many years of practicing meditation traditions from Vipassana (insight meditation), Yoga, Zazen (Walking Meditation), and other meditative/spiritual traditions throughout the years. I have also led mindfulness groups and meditations. A feeling of purpose and stamina in the face of challenges can be developed through mindful practices. Click to read more about how mindfulness may be integrated into treatment for those interested. Read More

Deep Listening

If I were to describe the "style" of therapy it would be "Deep Listening." In deep thinking vs. regular thinking, there is a focus on identifying, through this engaged listening, some of your key issues and some solutions. My undivided attention to your exploration is a catalyst and a magnifying glass, and through it, there is a feedback process between you and my undivided attention guiding and intensifying the exploration. The opportunity to come up with a meaningful solution that comes from a person’s deep roots is tapped into through this process.  Read More

Neuroscience and Neurobiology 

I feel that identifying biomarkers of mental wellness and training them in a data-focused way (results are clearly measurable) is a very compelling approach to support mental wellness for many people. A conviction that our wellbeing is closely tied to our biology spurred me to the years-long certification process of the international certification in neurofeedback (a type of biofeedback). Biofeedback refers to the fact that one can learn to regulate aspects of their own physiology (their brain waves or their heart rate variability) by getting immediate feedback about that metric. Biofeedback is a proven method to address symptoms of various disorders and improve relaxation and wellbeing with minimal side effects.  Read More


6930 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Suite 1050


(less than 5 minute walk from the Takoma metro station) 

(301) 768-0307

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